Choose Us

There are many reasons to choose Light of the World Academy, but we think the most important reason is the love and respect you have for your child’s innate ability to learn in a nurturing environment. Light of the World Academy provides students with a unique educational choice— a charter Montessori program that can promise truly individualized attention.

A Tuition-Free Choice

Light of the World Academy is a public charter school, which means we can offer a free Montessori alternative to the traditional public school system for all families regardless of income level. The Montessori instructional model we adhere to enables our students to discover and follow their passions as they become confident, self-motivated, and self-actualized citizens.

Smaller Class Sizes

Light of the World Academy features a small student-teacher ratio. Some benefits of smaller class sizes include:

  • Small classes promote strong relationships between students, teachers, and parents.
  • Students feel encouraged to learn at their own pace, taking the time they need to master a skill and moving ahead when they’ve mastered it.
  • Teachers are able to take responsibility for individual student learning

Multi-age Classrooms

Our Montessori classrooms have multi-age students at varying levels of proficiency and two teachers at all times to facilitate adherence to our instructional model. The multi-age groupings allow students to continuously teach each other and communicate their learning. We believe that encouraging students to teach one another allows them to master concepts and builds their self-confidence.