K-8 Academics

Light of the World Academy offers an authentic Montessori program that focuses on the whole child. Dr. Maria Montessori, a world-famous educator, scientist, and psychologist, discovered through careful observation that children learn more in their early years than they will learn for the rest of their lifetime. We’ve built our program around the idea that a supportive, enriching environment best supports learning.

Our Curriculum

We’ve developed a curriculum that encourages students to do what comes naturally to them—soak up knowledge from hands-on experiences. Our academic program includes

    • Reading, writing, grammar, and penmanship
    • Mathematics and geometry
    • History
    • Geography
    • Science and technology
    • Global and local community service
    • Cosmic peace and character education
    • Health and nutrition
    • Music and art
    • Physical education

    For details on how we present each topic, please view this complete description of our K–8 curriculum.

    Practical Life

    In addition to our regular curriculum, each student at Light of the World Academy learns practical life skills. Practical life is one of the most important parts of the preschool curriculum, and it retains its importance at the elementary level. In the classroom, practical life means caring for the environment completely. The students

    • Clean their rooms daily
    • May be responsible for animal and plant care
    • Share responsibility for playground and the nature trail maintenance
    • Learn different techniques for sewing, knitting, and crocheting
    • Learn about cooking and following recipes

    Time-Management Skills

    Each LOTWA student will receive and learn how to use an age-appropriate day planner. Teachers create a weekly schedule of “Must-Do’s” which help our students learn time-management, organizational skills, and responsibility.