Support Services

Light of the World Academy provides all our students with educational support, whether they perform typically for their grade level or have special learning needs. If you have questions regarding our support services or your child’s IEP, please contact the Office of Student Interventions and Special Education Services. 

Anthony Pendleton
Office Phone: (248) 254-3445

Student Intervention & Special Education

Light of the World Academy subscribes to a four-tier Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS) structure to provide assistance to students who perform at expected levels. In addition, we offer comprehensive special education evaluation and programming. We invite you to learn more about our special by reading the supporting documents on this page.

Free & Appropriate Public Education

Light of the World Academy understands that all students are entitled to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) and that this best occurs in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). We believe that students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and 504 Accommodations Plans should, to the greatest extent possible, participate in the same classes and experiences afforded to general education students. We focus our instructional planning on ensuring student success. The result is a curriculum that allows students to derive meaning from all of their educational experiences. 

When making educational placement decisions for students with disabilities, Light of the World Academy ensures that parents and leadership are contributing members of the IEP team. Together, the team makes decisions subject to the requirements regarding provisions of Least Restrictive Environment. When determining how services will be delivered to students with disabilities, Light of World Academy follows all IDEA-2004 and the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education (MARSE). If a child with a current IEP enrolls at Light World Academy, Light of World Academy will implement the existing IEP to the extent possible or will provide and agree with parents on an interim IEP until we can develop a new IEP. We develop, revise, and implement IEPs within the Individuals with Disabilities Educational Improvement Act (IDEA) and state law and regulations..